Decorative picture frame lamp, modern home decor

250 ILS / In stock.
Decorative picture frame lamp - Industrial lamp design - modern desk lamp - Lucite industrial lamp.

The "acryLamp" Picture frame lamp is a modern combination between traditional picture framing and modern lightning solutions, creating a beautiful and whimsical product.

Transparent acrylic plastic, laser engraved and then framed. Lit by hidden LED's, it will brighten any space. Placed against the wall or set on fitted fixtures ( also supplied ), the "acryLamp" will give any room 
in your home or office that extra something. all you need is your ordinary electricity outlet. Fits both 110V and 220V standards.

Dimensions: 18X23cm or almost any size by special order

Comes in three different lamp illustrations. 
Other designs are available in other listings.