Bathroom set / soap dispenser + Toilet brush

220 ILS / In stock.
Concrete Bathroom set / soap dispenser + Toilet brush. Handmade items to add a modern / industrial item to your bathroom.
The set is made of a very durable concrete and coated with a cement sealer to withstand liquids of any type.
The handle / brush is made of plastic with a synthetic brush. The container is made to stay-in-place and not fuss around
while using the brush. The dispenser durable plastic screws on the liquid soap container.

Available colors:
- Natural gray
- Green
- Terra Cotta

Dispenser dimensions:
Height - 15cm / 5.9"
Diameter - 6cm / 2.4"

Container Dimensions:
Diameter - 11cm / 4.3"
Height - 10cm / 3.9"
Overall brush + container dimensions (with handle and brush):
Diameter - 11cm / 4.3"
Height - 40cm / 15.7"

Item ships packed and boxed throughly.